I wonder…

I wonder if in this election year Obama gives Israel the go-ahead for some kind of attack on Iran. Setting aside whether such an attack is in US foreign policy interests, and also setting aside any moral concerns, the possibility of an attack is important for economic reasons: for it is likely any attack on Iran would have negative to devastating consequences for the US domestic economy. At a minimum, it would raise the price of oil, with the risk the price of oil could hit a level the US government, US businesses, and US consumers simply can’t afford. Specifically, the following chain of events would be highly likely:

If attack on Iran——>Higher oil prices——>job losses

I suspect this formula is the main reason Obama will ultimately resist the pressure for war in an election year. Economic growth and job gains are too important for him and for the country. But the pressure for war is growing.

Good news then, that Israeli president Shimon Peres, who will be on The View with Barbara Walters on Wednesday, will reportedly inform Obama that an attack should not occur:

Earlier Thursday, Haaretz reported that President Shimon Peres is expected to tell U.S. President Barack Obama early next montht hat he does not believe Israel should attack Iran in the near future.


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