WIPO: the value of intellectual property…

At the WIPO website…

“The Value of Intellectual Property, Intangible Assets and Goodwill”
Kelvin King, founding partner of Valuation Consulting

“Intellectual capital is recognized as the most important asset of many of the world’s largest and most powerful companies; it is the foundation for the market dominance and continuing profitability of leading corporations. It is often the key objective in mergers and acquisitions and knowledgeable companies are increasingly using licensing routes to transfer these assets to low tax jurisdictions.

Nevertheless, the role of intellectual property rights ( IPRs) and intangible assets in business is insufficiently understood.  Accounting standards are generally not helpful in representing the worth of IPRs in company accounts and IPRs are often under-valued, under-managed or under-exploited.  Despite the importance and complexity of IPRs, there is generally little co-ordination between the different professionals dealing with an organization’s IPR.” … link (emphasis mine)

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