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Qualitative data and analysis

I hope to pick the pace back up on this blog. In that spirit I updated the ‘about the blog’ section. This is what I wrote: This blog comments on ‘data’ and ‘analysis’ as intellectual properties in both economic (capital) … Continue reading

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Where is the price of oil going?

I think we are at a point at which oil conceivably has two very different possible price futures. I could see the price go upward: amid deteriorating circumstances in the Middle East, the continuation of rising demand in the developing … Continue reading

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Robert Rubin’s NY Times statement on fiscal cliff

Robert Rubin’s view: We should let the Bush high-end tax cuts expire, with an achievable, progressive reduction in tax expenditures. And we should have spending cuts, including entitlement reforms, equally matched by revenue increases. The entire program — including budgetary … Continue reading

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Some dire predictions from Rupert Murdoch

2012-2016 changes. Iran gets bomb, china begins major reforms, US crash as bond market revolts, N Africa explodes, etc. What next? — Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) November 10, 2012

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