Qualitative data and analysis

I hope to pick the pace back up on this blog. In that spirit I updated the ‘about the blog’ section. This is what I wrote:

This blog comments on ‘data’ and ‘analysis’ as intellectual properties in both economic (capital) and political (power) senses.

Theoretical perspective on data: At times this blog expresses a particular set of arguments on behalf of qualitative data and analysis. The basic underlying assumption is this: Qualitative data are important, and, in general, misunderstood, under-valued, and under-used in economic and political fields. This is not a comment on numerical statistics. I like all data. It is instead a methodological finding that for most economic and political actors, the value of Big Data can be fully maximized only when contextualized by a healthy portion of little data: data tied to the unique, localized surroundings within which actual economic and political actors operate.  

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My name is Mark Austen Whipple

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