Ronald Coase and a qualitative sociological economics: my position

Very briefly, my position on Ronald Coase’s critique of economics:

As I see it, (a) a prominent part of the future of economics will be the study of intellectual properties and how they shape advanced capitalism, changing what we know about the structure of prices, inflation, growth, government, culture, accounting, investing, spending, working, and so on. And (b) it is hard to see any way to study intellectual properties without using the methods of qualitative sociology — interviews, observation, participation — to get at the social-psychological, knowledge-based, imaginative dimension that defines intellectual properties, that indeed makes them intellectual properties.

I am not sure how central intellectual properties are to Coase’s vision of a more qaulitative economics, but regardless: I think his theoretical intervention on behalf of sociological methods is on solid ground when one considers the actual goods and services and actions that characterize advanced capitalism, and that are indeed in need of study.

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