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qualitative sociology as economically valuable

The current issue of The Atlantic has an article on ethnography specifically as a financially viable, privatized form of data collection/analysis. Here is a short excerpt, followed by a response by a commenter to the on-line version (link): The corporate … Continue reading

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advanced capitalism and the methodological imperative of symbolic data

(Some theoretical drivel around what I refer to as ‘advanced capitalism,’ and the proliferation of symbolic data empirically associated with it …) One of the empirical outcomes of advanced capitalism has beeen the proliferation of symbolic data. This outcome is … Continue reading

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Wednesday at the Financial Times Op-ed page

The best op-ed page in the world, Wednesday March 13 2013 edition: 1. Bruce Bartlett, “former senior economist at the White House, US Congress and Treasury,” a Republican-affiliated economist, tells everyone to “ignore pyrotechnics in US budget politics” because the … Continue reading

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better social design: the future of sociology publishing is open-access and on the internet

Aaron Swartz considered himself an “applied sociologist,” but he appears from the outside to have been overtaken most of all by political allegiances, as journalists have illustrated here, here, and here. However, I can’t stop thinking that Swartz overplayed his hand: the … Continue reading

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