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sociology destroyed the notion of a market

Jens Beckert and Pierre Francois write: “Markets are the core institutions of capitalist economies.” The assertion strikes me as theoretically outdated, and surprising coming from scholars who have been strong participants in making it theoretically outdated. I am referencing sociology’s … Continue reading

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The economics of intellectual property: the problem of valuation

A pretty remarkable contribution from the Wall Street Journal op-ed page today. The subject was the economics of intellectual property, prompted by a coming change to the way the US will measure gross domestic product (GDP). The reason for the … Continue reading

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COLUMN: Obama refashions War on Terror

James Fallows believes Obama’s May 23 2013 foreign-policy speech equated to the “argument that the time has come to end the ‘war on terror.’” Indeed, Fallows comes close to suggesting Obama’s speech ended the war on terror. I think Fallows is … Continue reading

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the problem of middle-class spending power: a few comments

The last five years we have witnessed a historic de-leveraging in the private sector. This process was part of a large economic contraction overall. The collective response was (a) creative and explosive monetary expansion combined with (b) politicized fiscal standoff. … Continue reading

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COLUMN: Tornadoes devastate Oklahoma

Yesterday extreme tornadoes devastated parts of Oklahoma. Terrible, unforeseen destruction of a place where people live. What should be a people’s behavior in response to such an event? The problem with crises is they call for competent deliberate action by … Continue reading

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calls for impeachment and war pick up

In a recent blog post, political scientist Brendan Nyhan writes: My research suggests that the structural conditions are strongly favorable for a major media scandal to emerge. Indeed, former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently made news by predicting the events of … Continue reading

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Politics, data, capital

A headline at politico reads: Karl Rove-linked company gets GOP data deal Politics and economics interact in different ways. In recent years one particular interaction has developed in the area of intellectual property, specifically data collection and analysis. Just as … Continue reading

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